SALES: The Ultimate Guide

Sales calls are truly a nightmare to handle.⁣

When I first started out, I had VERY limited knowledge and could barely navigate my own business without my imposter syndrome taking over.⁣

It got so bad, that when someone told me my business wouldn’t amount to anything, I was THIS close to going back to corporate and my old 9-5 life.⁣

But everyday, I’m so glad I managed to power through that.⁣

Now come along, and learn from my mistakes 😬


I know when I was first starting out with sales calls, I was terrified. ⁣

I had so much anxiety before hopping on sales calls and also that was when the peak of my imposter syndrome would rise.⁣

Getting people on a call lets you learn about your potential client before signing them on.⁣

And that’s because there are some key mistakes LOTS of people make that sabotages their chances of landing that prospective client. ⁣

Are you guilty of any of these?

Psst! If you have imposter syndrome, make sure you check out this video as well.

Now that your call is DONE, you might be feeling super excited!!⁣

You did it!⁣

You landed your first client, on your FIRST TRY!⁣

Well…not exactly.⁣

Before you start signing everyone in, there are some things you should be wary of.⁣


⁣Beware of these telltale signs that you might have a nightmare client on your hands. ⁣

We’re talking about the clients that if you could go back in time you probably wouldn’t have said yes to actually taking them on into your business.⁣

If a client cannot acknowledge key learnings or transformations that they took from their previous coach and they say stuff like, “Oh, that coach didn’t help me make money,” then you might want to watch out because their intentions might not be in the right place because coaching is not just getting someone money or getting someone clients. ⁣

There are so many other transformations that happen that might not be monetary or numerical.⁣

With this guide, I hope you feel READY for your next sales.⁣

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Have an awesome week 😁

– Vanessa⁣

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