The Lessons that CHANGED my Business Journey

Before we start on this post… 

I want to really thank you for the amazing support I’ve received from you all recently.

I posted probably the most important video I’ve made. 

And the response has been amazing.

If you’re someone on a business journey similar to mine, I definitely know how confusing and difficult it can be.

When I left my 9-5 job at a fortune 500 company in 2018, I had no idea what lied ahead.

Whether it’s the unexpected success or failures…

It’s all made me into the Boss I am today.

On top of that, it connected me with a community of amazing action-takers that inspire me everyday. 

But if you aren’t familiar with my journey…

I quit my 9-5 job at a fortune 500 company in 2018. 

Since then, I have been creating content on social media, became a barista, launched a coaching business, launched a course, grew my community, and will be relaunching my course The Bossgram Academy again super soon!


I get a lot of questions about mindset and the obstacles I faced earlier in my journey. 

It’s even better because these are the questions I NEVER answered on my channel.

So let’s go back to where it all began…

That was the time I made no money from YouTube, took a part time job to support my business, and was constantly told to QUIT while I was still ahead.

This video covers:

  • What were some of the key mindset shifts you needed to make to support you on your journey?
  • Did you have anybody in your life try to discourage you
  • How has this journey influenced your relationship with your loved ones?
  • And 9 other hard-hitting questions about mindset and business.

It’s 30 minuts of amazing questions asked by YOU.


It was a 1 on 1 private business coaching program that was booked out within a week of launching!

And while I am SO glad I went down that path…

There are some huge mistakes that I made (and often see other coaches make) that are easily avoided!

By avoiding these 5 mistakes, you’ll save the headaches that I went through myself.

Whatever part of the journey you’re on, I hope this resource will help you.

Like I said to the guy who thought I should quit my business, I just want to help people by teaching them what I know.

And by learning from you guys, we can keep this amazing cycle going.

So have an amazing week!

You got this 🙂

Let me know if you found this post helpful. And if you haven’t already, make sure you check out our FREE resources!

– Vanessa

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