How to Grow on TikTok in 2021 (0 to 500,000 Followers Fast)

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Are you curious about taking your business to the next level using TikTok? 

The popularity of the viral video app is growing fast and now is the perfect time to use it to your advance to get more followers and sales to your business! 

In this episode of the Turn Your Followers Into Clients Podcast, I sit down with BOSSGRAM Academy alumni and TikTok growth expert Jackson Zaccaria on the best way to grow on TikTok. 

In this episode, we’ll cover how to get started on TikTok, understanding the TikTok algorithm to skyrocket your success, the different stages of growth and tons of actionable tips to grow your account. This is perfect for anyone, whether you’re a beginner who is starting out on TikTok or a seasoned TikToker looking to level up your game. 


[3:10] Jackson and Vanessa talk about how they know of each other and the incredible results Jackson was able to get from joining The BOSSGRAM Academy? 

[5:18] Jackson’s advice for people who are scared to be on TikTok

[8:57] The TikTok Algorithm Explained 

[12:29] Explaining the 5 seasons of growth on TikTok and tips and tricks on TikTok growth. 

[17:46] Why is going ‘Live’ on TikTok important? Why does it help you gain sales? How often should you go ‘Live’ and what should you talk about?

[20:29] The three types of posts you should be posting on TikTok

[22:30] Do I have to keep jumping on trends to grow on TikTok? Jackson dives deep into what your TikTok content strategy should look like. 

[24:47] The Secret Sauce to growing on TikTok 

[27:25] How often you should post on TikTok

[31:20] Dealing with TikTok’s comment section 

[35:10] Jackson’s words of wisdom on the best way to grow on TikTok 


Jackson helps value-centred content creators master TikTok so that they can earn consistent 4-figure months in their online business. His zone of genius is helping service-based entrepreneurs build a loyal, engaged tribe of followers that not only care…but also convert. I’ve helped over 200 TikTok creators (or as we call them, “TikTentrepreneurs”) in my signature course the Tok Academy.

He leads with authenticity and community first. Helping online business owners use short-form content to find their audience and grow their service-based businesses.

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– Vanessa

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