I got fired by a client. Here’s what happened and how to handle it.

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I have a feeling if you clicked on this post (or episode!), maybe it’s a topic that really hits home for you.

Maybe it’s something that is your biggest fear to be fired by a client or maybe it’s something that happened to YOU and you have been really keeping it to yourself because you’re embarrassed about it. 

To be honest with you, this is actually the very first time that I’ve talked about this publicly and even privately. In fact, I think I’ve only told like two people about this happening to me in my business when I got let go by a client of mine.

When this happened, it was really, really devastating and it really took a big toll on my self esteem to the point where I actually contemplated shutting down my business. 

This is a real story where a former client of mine blindsided me and told me that she no longer wanted to work with me. It was something I just did not see it coming, it hit me left field, and took me a long while to recover from. 

By the end of this episode, I will give you guys some key lessons that I learned so if you guys find yourself in a similar position where a client has let you go, or maybe you are thinking that this might happen to you in the future…

I really hope that you can think back on this episode and find some strength to make sure that when this situation does happen, you just get better, you just pick yourself back up from your feet and you don’t give up on your business. 


[03:10] The complete back story of how I got fired, what it meant at the time, and the crazy self-sabotage that transpired shortly after reality sunk in

[16:13] The first lesson I learned from getting let go, which ended up being a lesson that completely transformed the way I set goals and approach “failure”.

[20:45] The second crucial lesson I learned that enabled me to completely niche down. Plus, an amazing analogy to help you understand WHY a client firing you has NOTHING to do with… you!

 [24:20] The third and last lesson I learned from this experience that completely shifted my perspective on HOW to get clients results… and why controlling your clients’ results is not only selfish, but also unproductive.


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– Vanessa

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