What I learned from Elon Musk on Launching 6-Figure Courses

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This episode is one that I’m really excited about because it’s all about how am I very first course FLOPPED. Most people in my community know about my current program called The BOSSGRAM Academy, but a lot of people don’t know that I actually had a course that I tried to launch before that and it was called the Fear to Freedom blueprint.

The Free to Freedom Blueprint is a program that never saw the light because I didn’t get enough signups … so I took it down. I think as coaches or as entrepreneurs, it’s so important for us to talk about our failures and to be able to have our communities learn from our failures.

 That’s why this episode will dive deep into why my first course flopped and compare it to how my current program, The BOSSGRAM Academy, managed to gross $450,000 in US sales (now $600,000+ after recording this episode!).

Not only this, while I compare the differences between a program that makes $0 to a program that makes half a million, I also want to talk about what I learned from Elon Musk when it comes to launching coaching programs online. 

So if you’re interested in learning about my story, learning about the key differences between one course absolutely failed and one course absolutely thrived, PLUS my key takeaways from Elon Musk, then this episode is perfect for you!


[04:33] The detrimental mistakes that caused Fear to Freedom to be doomed for failure right from the get go, which surprisingly, is a reason why MOST course launches fail

[06:09] Why chasing the passive income route when you’re starting your business doesn’t really work and what to do instead to ACCELERATE your path to achieving passive income in your business by creating a SCALEABLE offer.

[15:10] The concept of leveraged cashflow and how to earn it so you can safely scale your offers to multiple 6-figures

 [17:31 ] A SMARTER way to build and launch courses, which is the exact same way that Elon Musk used to build Tesla and create customer satisfaction for his products


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– Vanessa

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