Youtube vs. Podcast: Which One Is Better And Why I Started A Podcast

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Today, I’m going to talk about Youtube vs podcast and why I chose to be on both platforms.

Just in case you do not know it yet, I recently started a podcast. But before I started a podcast show, I was first a Youtuber.

This whole career and the whole business that I have, it all started with Youtube. On Youtube, I have over 250,000 subscribers on Youtube.

The moment I started my podcast show, people started asking me questions.

“Why did you do it?”

“What’s the strategy behind it?”

“How come your podcast content is so different from your Youtube content?”

“How to start a Youtube channel?”

“How do I start a podcast?”

“Why Youtube vs podcast?”

This is why in today’s podcast episode called Youtube vs. Podcast: Which One is Better and Why I Started a Podcast, I decided to share my experience being on these two platforms.

If you prefer reading the whole content, keep scrolling because I am going to narrow down everything related to Youtube and podcast.

Youtube vs podcast: How I Started with Youtube

About one and a half year ago, sometimes in June 2018, I decided to quit my corporate job. It was the moment when I realized that I wanted to get my stuff together and I probably should start my Youtube channel.

But at that time, I was really into podcasts more than I was on Youtube. So, even though I knew I always wanted to be a Youtuber at that time, what really helped me quit my job was podcasts.

It was listening to podcasts that gave me the motivation and inspiration to pursue my Youtube dream. I remember how I would spend 25 minutes long listening to podcasts on my way to and from work.

At first, I thought I wanted to dive straight into a podcast. But after thinking and even polling my friends and family, the majority of them voted for Youtube. So, that’s how my Youtube journey started.

I Knew I Have Always Wanted to Be a Youtuber

One thing about me is that I was not someone who was terribly shy about being on camera. I was a pretty good public speaker already so, the idea of showing my face on videos was not that terrifying to me.

I used the public speaking skill to my advantage.

On top of that, I have always loved editing videos. And a fun fact about me, I used to edit a lot of videos just for fun when I was still in high school. These projects were not even for school. It was merely my passion.

Pros of Being a Youtuber

If you ever wondered how to start a Youtube channel confidently and even make money on Youtube, you must first learn and understand the pros and cons of being on Youtube.

To me, even though Youtube videos do take a while to produce, you still get so much traffic from being on Youtube. It has so much SEO ranking just by creating videos because Google owns Youtube.

Let’s say if someone Googles something like, “How to start a Youtube channel and make money” and my videos pop up, it immediately brings traffic to my channel immediately. Not only this, but people also search for all sorts of things on Youtube all the time.

This is why starting a Youtube channel can be beneficial to your business if your goal is to drive more traffic to your products or services.

Types of Youtube Content You Should Do

When it comes to starting a Youtube channel, you still have to be careful about the types of videos that you are doing and what titles you are giving them.

The moment you start doing tutorials or how-to videos, you can start expecting traffic to your Youtube videos because these are the types of content on Youtube that performs really well.


Because people are constantly searching for solutions.

But if you just started, avoid posting content that is very “me-focused” and instead, asks yourself what kind of solutions your targeted audience is looking for.

Re-purposing Content is Easy

Even though I have both Youtube and a podcast show now, I never regret my decision of being on Youtube because I know that my videos are the richest form of content that I can have.

When it comes to re-purposing content, Youtube videos make everything a lot easier.

I can turn them into Instagram graphics, blog posts, or IGTVs if I want to. I can even cut these long Youtube videos and turn them into smaller chunks of video and put them on LinkedIn.

Youtube vs Podcast: Easier to Build Trust

Another benefit of being on Youtube is the fact that it is a lot easier for me to build trust and confidence with my audience.

A lot of my students who enroll in my courses came to me and told me that because they have watched me on Youtube, it’s easier for them to trust me.

They know who I am and what I can offer, and they have seen my face before.

Because I am visible and people can actually see my face all the time, there is a distinguished level of closeness that I get on Youtube with my audience that I cannot get elsewhere.

Cons of Being on Youtube

When you’re comparing Youtube vs podcast, they’re both equally beneficial.

And just like everything else, Youtube does come with cons too. One of them is the amount of personal info that I can share.

Trust me when I say that people will literally be upset when I talk too much about myself because people are so solution-oriented. When they come to my Youtube channel, they expect the how-tos and gaining more knowledge.

People don’t really give a shit about what else you have to say. They just want answers to their problems.

So, to me, that’s a huge con that I have identified on Youtube.

Another one would be the amount of time you are spending on creating your content. Holy shit, if you don’t have a video editor and you DIY everything, you will come to a point where you are just exhausted doing everything by yourself.

So, my advice is if you want to start a Youtube channel and make money by turning it into a money-making machine; outsource your tasks.

Youtube vs Podcast: Why I Started a Podcast

Now that you probably understand the reason why I started Youtube, I am going to take you on a journey of why I decided to start my podcast show.

One of them is because I wanted to find the freedom of talking more than just about the problems and solutions. I wanted to share more about my journey and dive deeper into my business.

Being on Youtube feels like an equivalent of being an artist. You’re consistently expected to produce a certain type of content that performs really well.

For example in my niche, the types of content that perform really well are anything related to “how to get 10k Instagram followers” or “how to go viral on Youtube”.

And these pieces of content always get views and work really well. But the moment I want to get serious and start talking about things that I actually want to talk about like pricing, sales strategy, and coaching, these types of videos just don’t do well.

And I am not complaining because it’s just the way Youtube is. It’s the market that is on Youtube. People want the vanity metrics. And because of this, I tend to feel like I am missing out on something.

This is one of the biggest reasons why I started a podcast show.

Youtube vs Podcast: Co-Existing With Each Other

But for me, as an entrepreneur, I need to learn to appreciate both platforms.

For me, it’s no longer about Youtube vs podcast but it’s about using both to my advantage.

I started my whole journey on Youtube and owe most of my success to Youtube. I will never regret my decision. But on another hand, I find satisfaction in doing a podcast because it has always been something that I’ve wanted to do for so long.

For people who want fast exposure, I highly recommend Youtube. Because it allows you to build more like and trust, and easily gain traffic. The most important thing is it’s easier to build your email list via Youtube.

But if you are looking for more intimacy in providing values to a particular audience, starting a podcast show is your option.

I have so many students who invested in being coached by have told me that they bought my course because of my podcast. They knew I have Youtube and it builds trust for them to continue following me, but for some of them, it was my podcast show that convinced them that my course was what they needed.

These are my ideal audience and clients.

So, when it comes to comparing Youtube vs podcast, it depends on your goals. If your goal is to target certain types of audiences, then starting a podcast is highly recommended.

But at the end of the day, both platforms can co-exist with one another because they both serve a pretty similar purpose and that is to drive traffic to what you offer.

It is up to you how you want to make good use of them.


[03:47] I walk you through my journey of choosing platform to begin with.

[06:52] Why you should not create Youtube content that are too “me-focused”.

[10:10] How to use Youtube as an alternative if you cannot afford Facebook ads.

[17:33] I talk about how easy it is for a content to get ripped off on Youtube.

[28:47] Why I decided to start my podcast show and how I started it.


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