Why you have followers on Instagram… but NO clients

Why you have followers on Instagram… but NO clients

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Do you know why you have followers on Instagram but not making enough sales?

In today’s podcast episode, I decided to tackle this question and give you some personal tips. What you will listen to is a replay of a popular live stream I did about a year ago. The message in this live stream still holds true until these days.

That is why I believe it’s a perfect episode for those people who constantly post on social media but not getting the sales.

If you’re wondering why your followers or subscribers not converting into clients, go ahead and press play now!

Why Vanity Metrics Don’t Matter

Have you ever wondered why you have followers on social media but no one wants to be your clients? You might be getting the vanity metrics, new subscribers, and followers, but no one is buying from you.

The major misconception that a lot of new business owners have that block their sales is that they think they need to post everyday. That’s not true. Actually, it’s wasting your time.

Why do I think this is unnecessary?

It’s because vanity metrics don’t matter if you are not making any sales on your platforms. Today, I am going to talk about that one solution that you can do to convert your followers to clients. This solution is also based on my own experience when I started.

Getting New Followers on Instagram

When I started my journey and decided that I wanted to be a coach and entrepreneur, I was posting a lot of content on Instagram.

I posted about my journey, my struggles, and all sorts of different things. Yes, I was getting Instagram likes. Yes, I was getting comments and my Instagram account was growing. But for some unknown reasons at that time, I realized nobody was DM-ing me about my services.

Nobody was interested in my business. And I realized I was not doing the right thing. Yes, I was getting traffic to my Instagram account, but these were not my prospects. I thought the amount of followers I was getting equal to the number of clients I would get. I was wrong.

And when I realized I was not going in the right direction, I changed my mindset again. My logic at the time was since I was not getting any leads or clients, but still getting followers on Instagram, I just needed to be a bit louder. So, I started posting more than usual.

Instead of posting three times a week, I started posting five times a week. I continued to see higher engagement rates but I was not getting clients. And I know a lot of you are in the same mindset as well.

Started to Burn Out

But the more I was posting and trying to reach out, the more I overwhelmed I became. I ended up burning out.

This is also why a lot of people going on radio silent on their social media platforms after a while. It’s because they have exhausted their brains from doing all of these content creation.

And what does this mean?

You’re wasting your time doing all of these. You’re trying so hard at getting new followers on Instagram, more likes, and more comments, but you are not getting new clients.

Does this happen to you too?

Understanding The Difference Between a Follower and a Client

Having followers on Instagram account is awesome. But if you don’t have sales or clients coming into your business, then you don’t have a profitable business.

You don’t actually have a business if you don’t have sales.

It’s because you’re evaluating your strategy on the wrong metric. You’re thinking just because you are getting more followers on Instagram, it equals to your business growing bigger. No, you business is not growing.

A follower is going to follow you because they like your content. But a customer doesn’t even need to like your content. But they need to like your offer.

And if you are someone who creates a lot of content but has no offer, this is why you are not getting sales! It’s because you are relying on the wrong metrics to define the growth of your business.

If you want to start getting sales and seeing money, you need to focus on what you are offering.

Product vs. Offer

One thing you need to understand is that an offer is different than your product.

This was a mistake that I made before. I thought I had a product and I knew what I was going to do. So, I planned eight coaching sessions for 60 minutes on Zoom and all of that. Yes, I had a product. But that was not my offer.

At the end of the day, a customer is not crazy about your eight sessions or 90 minutes Zoom calls. What they care about is your offer. Your offer is the specific solution that you have that can solve someone else’s specific problem.

Your offer is a specific result that you can offer in the marketplace.

Once I nailed down my offer, I was able to see so much more success in my business. I was able to create less content and have more results.

Because I was crystal clear on the specific problem that I wanted to solve for that one specific person that I wanted to help, and get that one specific result.

Stop Posting Too Much

Instead of creating random content that just confuses people or just gets people to feel different emotions, I focus on my offer.

Just so you know, inspiration does not equal sales.

A lot of people are running before they know how to learn how to walk. What this means is you’re going crazy creating content. You’re acting like the content creator but you’re not acting like a CEO.

For a very long time, I had the content creation hat on, but I didn’t have the CEO hat on.

Now, a lot of people might think that this is counterintuitive. When I was first starting my business, I was so scared to narrow down to this specific problem, specific result, and the specific person.

All because I was nervous.

Start Niching Down

Imagine if you only had $2,000 and right in front of you are two Instagram profiles. You only have two seconds to decide on who you want to invest your $2,000 with.

Imagine you are a struggling blogger who is looking to gain traffic to your blog. You need to choose from these two Instagram profiles.

  1. Business coach who does everything. They post different content on multiple platforms. They talk about their journey, struggles, and all sorts of thing.
  2. An ex-blogger who maximizes Pinterest and able to get 10x traffic using Pinterest as their main tool.

Now, you only have $2,000 to invest and you have to make your decision in TWO second. Who would you pick?

I know I would pick the Pinterest expert. Why? Because their core messaging and core branding makes it clear to me that they can help me.

The Number of Followers on Instagram Doesn’t Define Your Success

The difference between a follower and a customer is your customer is willing to pay for your services. And that’s it.

If followers equals prospects, I would have close to 100,000 clients right now. Not to mention my subscribers from Youtube where I’m almost at 300,000 subscribers.

Unfortunately, the number of followers on Instagram does not define your business’ success. I think is a mistake a lot of business owners make.

I assure you that once you start walking and thinking deep about your solution, you will start getting sales. Start thinking about who is that one person you want to help and what is that one problem that you want to solve.

I guarantee if you do this, you’re going to end up converting more followers into clients than you are now.


[01:28] Why no one wants to be your client?

[04:37] Understanding the difference between a follower and a customer. 

[09:02] A concrete example of the “how-to content” that wasn’t working in my business.

[06:11] The difference between an offer and a product.

[13:28] Why I stop posting twice a week on Youtube.


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