Turn Your Content into Your Business (+ My Business Software Checklist!)

When I first started by business, there was a LOT I was not prepared for.

I think that’s why I’m so excited to get into today’s videos.

I want you to walk away with all the info I WISH I had when I started. 

So no matter what stage you’re at, you can feel confident to make serious MOVES on your business.


Maybe the content grind has you on YouTube.

If it does, and you don’t have a business yet, you would be missing out on your very own BOMB advertising platform.

So here’s 4 of my favourite ideas to get you started.

Now if you’re LOVING the idea of being a service based business like me, you may have more questions.

How much would it cost that much anyway?

What kind of software do you need??

What do you even pay lawyers and accountants???


Out of everything I have posted, this video is my most comprehensive one yet.

I break down EXACTLY what I have spent and what I spent it on.

Even if you’re just curious,..

I think learning HOW a business runs is essential.

So that covers your questions on how much it costs.

But how could you possibly keep track of ALL the software i mentioned in the video? 😉 

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– Vanessa

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