The Easiest Way to JUST START your YouTube Channel

If you’re anything like me, you have been sitting on the idea of starting a channel for months, even YEARS.

Fun fact: The first time I wanted to make a YouTube channel was in HIGH SCHOOL.

As I’ve mentioned before, long before I started my 6-figure business, I was sharing videos on YouTube every week.

That got more eyes on my business and led to paying leads that jump started my first business.

Then I started sharing TWO videos every week.

Creating content on Youtube is a marathon, not a sprint.

There were definitely videos that did NOT perform the way I expected.

But instead of giving up, feeling discouraged, and “taking a break” from my channel…

I just kept doing the damn thing.

So whether you’re on the brink of starting, or you’ve taken a break from it, I can’t stress enough that you just have to START.

Hit record, edit the damn thing, and post it.

On my YouTube journey I learned so much that increased my subscribers, views, and watch time, yet somehow REDUCED my work load.


For every video you film, edit, post, and promote, it can feel so discouraging to put so much work into it and get little to no return.

This resource is all about stretching that video you worked so hard on to get more views, with less work.

Consider these questions:

    • What are the platforms your audience wants to see you on?
    • Where can you find the people that need your video?

For you it could be Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, or even Tiktok.

For me, it was Instagram, and sharing my journey.

A lot of people found me through Instagram, where they learned more about me, my journey, and my business.

When they wanted to learn even more, they found my YouTube and continued their learning there.

Here’s exactly how I use Instagram to drive more traffic to by YouTube videos (which you can similarly apply to other social media as well!)

BONUS: A lot of people mention that their favourite way to see someone’s videos on IG is through the link in their bio.

If you’re not maximizing this space, check out this resource on the perfect IG bio!


Now that we’ve covered promoting the video, let’s step back.

Whatever you’re filming on youtube (makeup tutorial, travel tips, marketing advice, etc), we ultimately have to FILM it.

After a year and 100K subs on YouTube, these are the hacks I found that helped me speed up my filming process.

As in from 5+ hours to 1-2 hours!

Which gave me more time for the aspects of my business I LOVE doing (aka market research and connecting with you!)

This is how I cut my filming time in HALF for every video.

And if filming isn’t the scary part for you, and you’re afraid of hate comments or burnout, check out this resource for my tips on that.  If you’ve already started a channel, share your page in the comments so we can keep each other accountable! So Boss, I’m excited for you to take the leap into YouTube. Let me know if you found this post helpful. And if you haven’t already, make sure you check out our FREE resources! Vanessa
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