my site?

with my


SAME! And guess what?

You, too, can get a brand or website that

turns creepers into clients from the SAME

design team we work with (woohoo!)

Meet Lumina:

My best kept
(not-so-secret) weapon.

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You know what I realized was
while I was just
launching my business?

Focusing on my product, building my
and DIY’ing a simple website.

You know what I realized was

important while I was scaling?

Outsourcing my website and sales
pages to
THE best of the best.

Luckily, Lumina has
solutions for business owners
at every stage of their journey.

There are 3 ways
to work with Lumina

If you’re a…


Brand + Web Templates

Created by their internal design

team, tested by industry experts,

Lumina's Brand and Web

templates can help you get a highly

converting website on the cheap

and on the fly (so you can focus on

what matters at this stage!)

Starting at $497 -

save 10% off with code VANESSA.

Website in a Week

This is where Lumina's team of designers, copywriters & tech experts will set up your new branding and website (using one of their website templates) in one week flat. You get the hands on support of a custom project, with the speed and efficiency of a template.

Starting at $2,749.


Custom Brand + Websites

Lumina's bespoke experience

brings brands to life: they’ll build

you a scalable digital infrastructure

and intuitive design to ignite your

digital presence. They offer

branding, conversions copywriting,

website design and development

and also build KILLER sales pages.

Starting at $7k -

Tell them Vanessa sent ya!
Pro tip

If design or website strategy isn’t one
of your strengths, my advice is to
outsource it so you can
focus on what
you’re great at. And, don’t get caught
up with a custom project if you’re an
phase entrepreneur! That’s when
I recommend sticking to templates.

Speaking of


I worked hand-in-hand with

Lumina to create a sales
template specifically
geared towards
creators, just like you.

This DIY sales page template is
specifically designed to
course creators and entrepreneurs
with delivering
their message to their
audience - and crushing conversions.

Customize the template with your
own colors, fonts, copy
and photos
bring it to life and get your offering
out into
the world.

For more details,
check out the full page

If you’re brand new, I recommend
starting with the Vanessa Template.
This sales
page will serve as a tool for
generating your first sales and first
ride or die client.

I literally built it FOR you guys.

Ready to


Get started with the
Vanessa Template!

Use code: VANESSA
for 10% off.