Instagram Mistakes to STOP Doing in 2020 WHY YOU AREN’T GROWING!

Instagram Mistakes to Stop Doing in 2020

Do you want to know what are the Instagram mistakes that you should be avoiding?

In this week’s Youtube video, I talked about Instagram mistakes that most people do on their accounts. Instead of going over the obvious mistakes such as:

❌ Using bots
❌ Using automation
❌ Using the wrong hashtags
❌ Caring too much about Instagram feed….

I decided to tackle the non-obvious Instagram mistakes that nobody really talks about. I believe this video is fun and special. Because I know by the end of the video, you are going to start changing your Instagram strategy.

If you want to watch the full video, press play now! You can also continue scrolling to read more.

Mistake #1: Poor User Experience in Link in Bio

For entrepreneurs, using your link in bio is crucial. It’s how we drive traffic to other platforms that we have.

You can easily link to Facebook, YouTube, or podcast. But what most people don’t realize is that the link you are pasting is a standard link.

What does this mean? I’ll explain it to you.

Let’s say you want to redirect people to your Facebook group. Then, they click on your link in your Instagram bio. But for someone who is on mobile, this can lead to them being required to log in to Facebook first.

Why is this considered an issue? Because you are not creating a frictionless user experience for your audience.

You are not going to have good retention rates. People will be bouncing out of your landing page faster than you can imagine. I know that personally for me, this is true. If I need to sign up for something to have access, I will leave the page.

How to Fix This Instagram Mistake?

You can use a website called What this website does is it converts your standard link into deep links.

That way, when someone clicks on your Facebook group, they can bypass the login session. If you want to create a great user experience, make sure you convert your deep link into standard links.

Mistake #2: No Captions on Your Instagram Stories

The second non-obvious Instagram mistake is not adding captions to their Instagram story videos.

If there is a video that I’ve stumbled upon and there aren’t captions that hook me, I likely won’t stick around. What you want to do is give a preview of what you are talking about.

You want to entice your audience with your smart Instagram captions. By doing this, you will get your point across fast, loud, and clear. This is why you will always notice I have captions on my Instagram stories.

Most important of all is the fact that your followers are getting the message. By reading and listening, they will become more engaged with your Instagram stories.

Mistake #3: Primary Call-to-Action Only

One of the most non-obvious Instagram mistakes that people tend to make is doing primary CTAs.

What you have to realize is that Instagram values recency. Even though you’re adding a call to actions of asking people to leave a comment, this doesn’t matter after that 48 hours.

Instagram doesn’t care about your post anymore. Regardless of how many new people commenting on it.

It will no longer show up on anyone’s feeds and just wasting your effort. This is why coming up with a secondary call-to-action is necessary. I talk more about this is in my previous video and blog post called How to Write Instagram Captions That Get You MORE LIKES, COMMENTS, AND SALES!

Not only that but you can also snatch one FREE video lesson from my paid program, Bossgram Academy. It’s a 25-minutes lesson for free where I tackle the Instagram caption strategy. It’s super juicy and I think you should watch it!

Mistake #4: Not Leveraging Highlight

The next Instagram mistake is not leveraging highlights. The most recent trend on Instagram is people spending a lot of time doing free training on their Instagram story.

Yes, that’s amazing. That’s good that you’re giving so much value away on your Instagram stories. But something that people don’t realize is your Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours.

This is why you need to make sure that you’re saving them to your highlights on your profile. That way your Instagram stories can last forever. Even if you are not active on your Instagram stories, your new followers can still see them for the first time.

It’s going to allow you to stretch your training much farther and get a return on your effort.

Mistake #5: Not Double Watermarking

There are so many copycats on Instagram. People like to rip off each other’s content, and that’s the truth. One of the worst Instagram mistakes you can make is not adding your handle in your posts.

One thing that has been effective for me in minimizing people just jacking my content is double watermarking.

However, don’t just put one watermark. When you watermark your posts with your handle at the bottom, it’s still easy for someone to edit that out. People can still crop that part out and claim your content as theirs.

In order to combat this, what I’ve recently done is create a very, very small watermark. We hide it in the post so that even if someone wants to edit it, it will be hard for them to do it.

This is to prevent your work from being copied and stolen. Make sure that you’re double watermarking your post to prevent that from happening.

Mistake #6: Sharing People’s Posts Without Tagging Them Manually

When you are re-sharing someone else’s posts, I highly recommend you tag them manually. Instead of just re-sharing by clicking on that airplane sign.


Because when you are re-sharing by using that airplane sign, they usually don’t get notifications. But if you tag them manually, they will always get notification of someone mentioning them.

This gives you more exposure to being re-share on their accounts. Most you guys like to be reposted on my Instagram stories because it’s visibility for you. But what I’ve noticed is I don’t get a notification. If you simply re-share my posts, you have to physically tag me in order for me to see it.

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Rooting for you, Boss!

– Vanessa

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