How to Write Instagram Captions That Get You MORE LIKES, COMMENTS AND SALES!

How to Write Instagram Captions That Get You MORE LIKES, COMMENTS AND SALES!

Let’s talk about how to write Instagram captions. And not only that but let’s talk about Instagram captions that can get you more engagement and sales!

I believe that great captions on social media play an important role in growing your business. This is why in my today’s video, I shared some things to consider when it comes to writing Instagram captions.

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Tip #1: Know Your Audience First

When it comes to writing engaging Instagram captions, the first thing that you want to do is take a step back and understand who your audience is.

By knowing your audience inside and out, you will be able to understand who you are speaking to. This may take some time, trial, and error. But the more conversations you have with your followers, the better you will understand them.

In my business, I know the audience that follows me is typically people who just started their businesses. They are the ones in the early stages and hate working at a corporate job. They slowly realize they want to start a business online.

Obviously, it takes a lot of surveying. I recommend to periodically hop on your Instagram stories and ask your audience what they want to learn from you. Ask them what their goals are and what are their struggles.

These are things that you want to know because it helps you with your content creation. It helps with your Instagram caption writing.

Creating Idea Client Profile

I always recommend my students to create an ideal audience or ideal client profile. Start creating a separate Google doc and just write the following things:

💥 Who is my ideal client or audience?
💥 What are their pain points?
💥 What are their goals?
💥 What’s stopping them from hitting those goals?
💥 What are their interests?
💥 What do they want?

Yes, it takes a lot of research for you to build this out. But what’s important is that you are collecting the necessary data on your audience.

Tip #2: Have Engaging Hooks in Your Instagram Captions

The second component that you need to consider when you’re writing Instagram caption is to make sure that you have an engaging hook.

If you want people to read your entire caption, start with the first 125 characters.

Why? Because these 125 characters will either make people want to click more or skip your Instagram posts.

Your goal is to make sure you get as many people clicking more so that they’ll read the entire piece of content. Because if they don’t, what was the point of you posting it?

That’s why you want to make sure that the first 125 characters are something that will be attention-grabbing. Some examples that I have for you is a polarizing statement.

For example, in this post, I started my first line with “Why everyone else’s content sucks…” You might want to click that because it’s polarizing.

You might also want to ask a question that your audience has. This is why it’s important to know the questions and struggles your audience has.

By asking and answering their questions, you have a higher chance of getting your Instagram captions being read.

Tip #3: Killer Content and Copywriting

I believe copywriting is a skill that is essential for all entrepreneurs. As an online business owner, you need to master being good at communicating with text.

Yes, there are videos. Yes, there are podcast episodes. But tying that all up is having great copywriting skills. This skill can get you super far when it comes to your website, sales pages, Facebook ads, and Instagram captions.

My top three favorite copywriting persuasion tactics that I use a lot in my business include:

✅ Future pacing
✅ Scarcity
✅ Risk aversion

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How to Write Instagram Captions That Get You MORE LIKES, COMMENTS AND SALES!

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Copywriting Technique #1: Future Pacing

What future pacing means is when you’re writing your captions, you’re painting that point B for your audience.

There’s always a point A and a point B. And point B is where they want to be. So, when you’re incorporating future pacing in your Instagram captions, what you’re doing is helping your audience paint the vision.

You’re highlighting what their life could look like if they had your service or product. Future pacing is a very effective copywriting tactic. A quick example of future pacing copywriting is by starting your hook by saying:

“What does a business look like when you’re positioning and promoting your offer successfully? Three things happen. You’re getting calls booked, you’re getting inquiries. You’re getting prospects that sign on the spot.”

This copywriting technique is called future pacing. I’m letting the audience understand and see what their business could look like if they just made this one shift.

Copywriting Technique #2: Scarcity

With scarcity copywriting technique, it means you’re writing copy that makes people feel like they’re missing out on something. This tends to create a sense of urgency for them to want to find the answer. It also leads them to want to contact you or take some sort of action.

I have some good examples on my Instagram where I talked about the five bad Instagram advice that I came across. What I did in this Instagram captions I called out on some things that I know my audience is doing wrong.

Because of this, it might encourage the audience to want to double-tap or save the post for the future. Some might want to contact you and ask for more help. That’s how you can create a sense of scarcity.

Copywriting Technique #3: Risk Aversion

What risk aversion means is you would be writing captions that allow your audience to understand how much more pain they would be in.

If they didn’t take a certain action, what could happen to them or their business? It’s very similar to scarcity and creates that sense of urgency to take action.

Just like Tony Robbins said, “People will do more to avoid pain than they are to seek pleasure.”

This is why when you’re writing your copy, dive into those pain points that your audience is struggling with to evoke an emotional reaction within them. An example you can do this is by highlighting all the things your audience is doing that slows them down.

By emphasizing the fact that these things are slowing them down and keeping them stuck, you are creating a sense of urgency. Because a lot of people want to avoid what slowed them down.

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How to Write Instagram Captions That Get You MORE LIKES, COMMENTS AND SALES!

Tip #4: A Good CTA for Instagram Captions

When it comes to call-to-action, there are two types of CTAs that you can use.

👉 The primary CTA
👉 The secondary CTA

If you look at my Instagram posts, you will notice that I tend to have two different types of call-to-action.

Primary CTA

The primary CTA is the type that will encourage your audience to help you boost your engagement. These include:

📲 Tag me!
📲 Comment down below!
📲 Don’t forget to follow my Instagram account.
📲 Subscribe to my channel.

These are the CTA that you want to use to grow your social media platforms. They help in increasing engagement rates on your posts.

Secondary CTA

The secondary CTA is the type where you encourage your audience to take any action on something. These include:

💻 Download my freebie now!
💻 Watch my free training.
💻 Sign up for more free lessons.

What this secondary CTA does is help to grow your email list and get more leads into your client pool.

This is why it’s effective to combine both primary and secondary CTA in your Instagram captions. You are not only increasing engagement in the short term but driving traffic to your business in the long term as well.

Instagram Caption Strategy

I hope this week’s free resources will help you to write engaging captions. If you follow this step-by-step, you will start seeing more engagement and sales in your business.

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Let me know if you found this post helpful. And if you haven’t already, make sure you check out our FREE resources!

Rooting for you, Boss!

– Vanessa

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