How to see who’s FAKE on Social Media AND Unlock the Swipe Up Feature with LESS than 10K followers!?

It’s not uncommon or an unknown fact that there are TONS of “hacks” that exist on Instagram…

Hacks to grow your followers….

Hacks to make your photos stand out…

Hacks for basically everything and anything. You name it, someone out there’s got it.

HOWEVER… you need to be VERY careful when you choose to “hack” your way to Instagram success.


Because there are some hacks that exist that can get you in serious trouble.

And by trouble what I mean is when you use the wrong hacks, you risk not only losing your reach, but worse of all, losing your account and your credibility as a content creator, influencer and business owner.

Don’t know what I mean? Well you’ll definitely need to watch this video below.


If you’ve ever considered buying followers or automating your account to do the annoying follow/unfollow…. you NEED to watch this video FIRST.

In this video I teach you how exactly you can find out who on the internet has been using these sketchy “hacks” that everyone raves about.

Trust me when I say this:

If I can find out this information, anyone can too.

This video will blow your mind. Not only this, while filming and doing research for this video, I was SHOOK because when I looked into some of the biggest Instagram gurus and influencers in this space, I found out that almost ALL of them used follow/unfollow or bought their followers.

Absolutely SHOCKING.

Once you finish watching this video, DO NOT WORRY.


Because NOT ALL hacks are bad.

In fact, make sure you watch this second video below because I’m going to teach you an awesome smart hack that you can use to unlock the SWIPE UP feature EVEN if you do not have 10,000 followers and/or a business account!

Yes you heard me right.


As you can see, when you use hacks the RIGHT way, you will get rewarded!

I still can’t believe I figured out this way to help those who have 10,000 followers not have FOMO and still be able to interact with their audience and drive traffic to their external sites with swipe up!

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Let me know what you think 🙂

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– Vanessa

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