How to get PAID Brand Deals as a SMALL Influencer and more!

I always hear people who think brands and customers only care about you when you have a 10K following.

News flash!

Brands and customers care about people who care about their business.

Take me for instance, I recently did a sponsored video with Blinkist all about Productivity and it was awesome.

If you’re interested in checking out the video I did with them, where I share 10 REAL productivity hacks on how I manage it all, then you can check it out below.


I can say this with confidence:

I do not wake up at 5 am, or meditate, do yoga, read books, run a business, AND still find time to clean my room every single day.

And that’s okay.

No one can wake up one day to suddenly become this productivity machine.

These are the small changes I gradually made since starting my business that have really impacted my productivity.

OK now onto the juicy stuff… HOW TO GET BRAND DEALS!? Well, let me share with you my tips from top to bottom, from pitching to positioning to pricing.


If you’re doubting yourself and thinking “There’s no way I could land a brand deal…I don’t even have 10K followers with the swipe up feature!”

First off all, this is how you can get the Swipe Up feature with less than 10K followers.

Second, these are my tips on landing brand deals and collabs without the insane following.

As someone who has seen BOTH sides of the business (fun fact: influencer scouting was part of my corporate role!), I’ll share how to get the companies to NOTICE you, and how to maintain these working relationships too.

When you’re getting started, it can feel really intimidating to treat yourself like a real business, or to approach brands.

But once you get started with these tips, you will be amazed with the progress you see.

Keep rockin’, Boss!

Let me know if you found this post helpful. And if you haven’t already, make sure you check out our FREE resources!

– Vanessa

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