5 Instagram Post Ideas to get MORE Followers, Engagement, and MORE Sales!


Are you struggling to find content ideas that you can use when it comes to posting on Instagram?

In my latest Youtube video, I share my personal top 5 Instagram post ideas that I believe are super special and designed to help you get more quality engagement, get more leads, and most importantly, get more sales!

If you are interested in watching, click play on the video down below and let me know which one of these 5 content ideas tip resonates with you!

If you prefer reading, keep scrolling! I will break down each of these 5 content tips and show you why I believe these Instagram post ideas will guarantee you an ROI.

Tip #1 : Calling Out The Different Mistakes

This is my go-to Instagram post idea whenever I am stuck at figuring out which content should I produce.

When it comes to Instagram content ideas, calling out all the different kinds of things that you believe your audience is doing wrong can really gain people’s attention.

In my particular business where I am all about helping new coaches get their first few paid clients using Instagram, it’s easier for me to discuss things that are super inefficient and turn that into Instagram content.

For example, if you look at the graphic above, I called out all the things that I believe some of my audience is doing right now.

When you illustrate a particular topic and really dive into it in your caption, you are building an urgency within your audience to immediately take the right action.

Tip #2 : Delivering Quick Tips

When it comes to Instagram post ideas, delivering quick tips in the form of giving examples can really increase the engagement.

One of the best ways to do this is by creating Instagram carousels like below 👇

If you look at the first graphics, it encourages the audience to swipe next to learn more about the top four different ways that people can get clients.

So when they swipe next, I am giving them quick tips and examples that illustrate how they can get more clients using Instagram.

What I am doing is I am showing my audience my knowledge. Now, before you ask me the question:

“What’s the difference between free content and paid content? What if I am giving too much information?”

The reality is quick tips like these are just tips. They are just pieces of information that help them to recognize certain aspects of their business and lives.

Yes, they are helpful but at the end of the day, they still need my paid services to execute these tips and implement the things I am saying.

Another example that I can share is this graphic down here where I am talking about consultation calls.

Okay, cool. Now that my audience has a sense of awareness of the different ways that they can get clients, the questions are, “Do they REALLY know how to do that consultation call?”

Maybe they do, maybe they don’t.

See, this is where the free content vs. paid content differs from each other.

I give them FREE tips but in order to really understand how those tips work, they still need my paid services.

Tip #3 : Sharing Different Lessons You've Learned as Instagram Post Ideas

The third Instagram content idea that I believe will increase quality engagement, qualified buyers, and drive more sales into your business is sharing the lessons you have learned on your journey.

So many new business owners, coaches, and content creators are following me because they are interested in my whole journey and experience.

This is why sharing lessons you have learned is a great piece of an Instagram content idea.

I recently celebrated my birthday and even though I spent it mostly indoor due to our current global situation, I decided to take it to Instagram to share the different lessons I have learned in the last years of my being in my twenties.

These are the tips or lessons that I believe everyone can apply in their businesses, too.

Whenever I am posting this type of Instagram content, my aim is to inspire others and allow them to get a glimpse of who I am as a person.

So many people follow coaches and entrepreneurs because they enjoy their content related to their niche. But some people also struggle to find the coaches and entrepreneurs relatable to them.

This is why sharing lessons that you’ve learned allows you to build trust with your audience. It allows them to see the learning curve that you went through and learn from them.

Tip #4 : Good Old Transformation Story Makes Good Instagram Post Ideas

When you are considered an expert, it’s easy to think that someone has always been that way from the start.

But a good old transformation story will allow you to share who you were before your success. Because it’s always refreshing to see humble beginnings that a person went through.

At the end of the day, a journey is a journey.

One of the posts that I did, I shared screenshots of my old Instagram feed to prove a point that you can always pivot in your feed aesthetic without creating a new account.

This post was doing extremely well because my audience enjoys getting to see my different Instagram feed stages before I became viral on Youtube.

It allows people to understand that if you can achieve the results that you have achieved, they can do it as well.

Tip #5: Busting Myths and Misconceptions

Now, we’re moving on the last Instagram post idea that will help you get more leads, Instagram followers, and quality engagement on Instagram.

One of my favorite things to do in my content strategy is to talk about the myths and misconceptions that exist in my industry.

The idea of calling out myths and misconceptions is when there is a popular thing that you see other people do in your industry, you preach about what you fundamentally don’t agree with.

By calling it out, this will set you apart from the herd and allow people to see you as the expert. Because you dare to call out BS information that you see on the internet or in your industry.


Those are my top 5 Instagram post ideas that I rotate around in my business. I hope these help you so that you no longer feel stuck when it comes to producing content for your Instagram.

I also hope that these content ideas will help you be more be more intentional when it comes to your content strategy.

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Let me know if you found this post helpful. And if you haven’t already, make sure you check out our FREE resources!

Rooting for you, Boss!

– Vanessa

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